Technical Capabilities as enabler for Agile and DevOps


Salle Mosane 5


Is your Agile or DevOps transformation not going as expected because of stability issues, dependencies and long lead time? Do you want to get the benefits of DevOps but you are unsure where to start?

To make transformations successful, we must learn to walk before we can run. Often forgotten is that technical capabilities are a necessary underpinning for any successful agile or devops transformation, enabling fast feedback, experimentation and a driver for organisational performance. This means ensuring the basic technical capabilities – like trunk-based development, test automation, continuous integration and deployment, and monitoring – are there.

In this talk we focus on why transformations are so hard, why technical capabilities are so important in the context of Agile and DevOps and how to make use of them to accelerate your business.

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  • Matteo Pierro

  • Nelis Boucke

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