Lead with CARE – simple framework to create, foster and enable meaningful connections


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For the leader in you Who strives to create and foster meaningful connections CARE is an engaged approach to human relations That favors trust, respect and mutual growth Complementing approaches like Non Violent Communication CARE clarifies the value of a human connection, not the technique itself.

Pressured by results, overwhelmed by schedules to meet and expectations to live up to, we so often lack to recognize the power of meaningful human connections around us. Still, when we recall some of the leaders that created the most lasting change in our professional and personal lives, there are a few common traits that seem to be part of their behavior.

I have lived and practiced various roles in my life and career, and derived a simple way of reminding myself on how to create more meaningful connections for more powerful impact on the human level. In this talk I will present for the first time what has driven my teaching, coaching and leading along these years.

CARE stands for curiosity, authenticity, respect and empathy. And it represents care, genuine and uninterested, for people around us- colleagues, relatives, managers and reports. In an illustrated way I will tell stories about how this simple framework can change the impact of your leadership and foster a stronger engagement for anything you stand for.

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