product’vision : the framing phase


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For product owner, CEO, dev who whish to understand the value of the product vision I suggest a talk about the Why, the How, the What (Sinek) and a practical view of a vision for a digital product. Also, tips will be given to create and define your product vision. You know that you need a vision !

Here the problem, how to define and share your vision ? nowadays, organizations have to moove very quickly to survive but without a long term vision, the organization will be lost. It is the same thing for your product. First of all, The “Why”, people Don’t buy what you do, but why you are doing it. Then, a know-how will be share (the How) and finaly a product will be made (What). When we communicate about the why and not about the what or the how then, the feeling and the decision making part will be easier and finaly the Customer buy your product.

  • Ségolène Porot

    zen value

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