Change from the trenches. Transforming into a highly effective Scrum team at VRT


Auditorium Reine Elisabeth


This is the transformation story of a development team at the Flemish public broadcaster VRT. Lessons from turning an unhappy situation into a hyper-performing scrum team driven by end user value and stakeholder satisfaction. Doubling velocity, at the same time reducing the team by half.

In his quintessential book “Drive”, Dan Pink highlights the importance of autonomy, mastery and purpose to motivate people. Scrum is built around those simple principles, however they are not that easy to inject in complex organisations. This talk is a first hand testimonial about the strategy we used to double velocity, switch focus to end user value and team up with stakeholders. It is not only about the team as such. It is also about the context we created by building product vision together with stakeholders, based on thorough user insights using Design Thinking and Jobs-to-be-Done. Finally it is also a personal story on how to grow as a leader by letting go of micro management and trusting a team to get the job done.

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