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In the West, meditation is a practice that has been ignored for a long time. In the last few years though, thanks to the mediatization of mindfullness, it became more and more popular, and started to be experimented in companies, and even in schools, with all the benefits and excesses that mediatization can bring along.
For this session, we are pleased to welcome Lama Zeupa, spiritual director of the Huy’s Tibetan Institute. Guided by him, we want to stay away from this new fashion, go back to the roots of meditation and explore the relationship between body and mind.

Thanks to Lama, you will be able to experience some guided meditations, to discover and feel the benefits it can bring to your mind and body, and how both can be nourished and nurtured through regular practice in your daily life.

This session will be given in English and translated into French.

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